We all love super heroes. Batman and Spiderman are some of the most popular heroes presently. Superman also comes in the Top 10 list of most popular superheroes. BUT, unlike the above characters, the widely loved Man of Steel does not have a decent standalone game. Counting games like Injustice and Lego games would not be fair because the full extent of Superman’s powers is not shown in such games (When does Superman get beaten by Justice League members, in terms of brute strength).

I swear this was one of the top 10 images when I typed "Superman in video games"
I swear this was one of the top 10 images when I typed “Superman in video games”

The previous attempts on Superman games such as Superman Returns and Superman: Shadow of Apokalips went ahead and showed the shortcomings that will come with a Superman game. Superman is probably the most overpowered hero in the comic world and his variety of powers such as- Super strength, Heat Vision, Frost Breath and Flight, make the development of a game encompassing all his powers a difficult process. Add to that the trouble of making an open-fully destructible Metropolis, because we have seen what happens in Man of Steel and any superhero game is sort of sad if it isn’t open world (Sorry Deadpool). For any game based on a specific character it must be faithful to the character in reference and to be honest no Superman game till now has been able to do that. He is basically indestructible, has infinite power and is only weak to Kryptonite and Red Sun Radiation (Which is not present on Earth). Most games have done the common mistake of limiting Superman by instating health and stamina bars which has a negative impact on hardcore fans. And we can also say that, unless the henchmen aren’t powered up to some level, a Superman game will actually be full of boss fights.

The now infamous Shadow Of Apokolips
The now infamous Shadow Of Apokolips

There may be some ways to make a good Superman game. The Superman villains such as Metallo, Cyborg Superman are pretty good and could make for epic boss battles if done right. As for the side quests, we could have some kind of time limit or destruction done limit, but these are highly cliched aspects of games. We fear that the game will become repetitive, which will again have a negative impact on the crowd.

Injustice, the one game which probably had the best Superman yet
Injustice, the one game which probably had the best Superman yet

It seems highly unlikely that we are a going to see a decent Superman game any time soon and this is practically a one sided debate. But who knows? Look at what Rocksteady did with Batman. Maybe we will get to see a Superman game, but for now it is a no go. Let us know what you think about whether we can get Man of Steel standalone game in the comments down below. Peace Out.



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