If you are holding out and scouring the internet for any infomration regarding the Sony presentation to take place today, then we have got you covered.

Click on this link to catch the Playstation Livecast.

A lot of rumors have been going around on what is going to be announced at this Playstation meeting. While it’s almost a certainty that PS Slim will be at the event (we have covering rumours and leaks about it). It remains a mystery whether PS4 Neo (a recent leak suggests a successor) will announced at the event or not. And how much of the show will be about PS VR. Also what about the PS Vita?

All this and more questions will be answered tonight/tomorrow at half past midnight.

The Playstation Meeting will take place on 8th September 2016 at 12:30 AM. It will be broadcasted from New York.

It is to be noted that the Sony conference is just 2 hours after the Apple announcement in which the giant is expected to announce the iPhone 7. Just saying. So if you are into Apple and Sony, its going to be a busy day for you.

Let us know in the comments, what you are expecting from the event.


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