TI7 is in full swing, and Valve themselves are in the process of making announcements in order to attract more players to an already large layer base in what seems to be the most played games on Steam. A few days back, Valve had announced Artifact, a DOTA 2 card game scheduled to release in 2018. It didn’t attract much attention, so, in order to make up for the boring and unbearably long metagames of DOTA 2, Valve releases a trailer teasing two new heroes to be added to the hero pool.

One of the hero looks like a Cat (much like Puss-in-Boots) who has mastered the art of swordplay, and the second hero looks like a Wisp with a lantern (which has powerful abilities!). The heroes are scheduled to be added to the game as part of the ‘Dueling Fates’ update, though no release date has been hinted at.

The trailer can be seen here : 


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