One of the 2 XBox One exclusive on the in-focus list here at IndianNoob, Sunset Overdrive is a third person shooter set in an open world.

The very first minute of the game shown at E3 2014, makes fun of the prevalent army shooters, and that just sets the tone for the rest of it. From the looks of it, Sunset Overdrive looks like a game that doesn’t take itself seriously. Its tongue in cheek, in your face and actually quite snappy.

I like 2 kinds of games. One where story is everything, where every action that you take is for a reason (RPGs). The other where they just want to have some fun, and don’t take themselves seriously. I find games that want themseleves to be counted as story driven, and then not deliver a satisfactory experience to be amazingly boring (Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Killzone ShadowFall). By the looks of it Sunset Overdrive seems to be in the 2nd region.

The 5 min trailer that you can check out below, has the protagonist making fun of video games, zombies and guns. He then proceeds to kill some humans mutated because of a new soft drink (yup, no more Umbrella Corporation, the T virus is in your Coke). During that time, he skies on wires, jumps 0ff trampolines, and does some other weird stuff that look cool.

In today’s time where some games are trying to look increasingly as good as real life, its natural that Sunset Overdrive opts for a unique cartoonist art style instead. It goes along with the crazy theme of the game, and allows for XBox One to show bright textures instead of real looking water.

We still don’t have enough details about what next-gen Sunset Overdrive is going to do, but we do know that it might involve the cloud computing abilities of Microsoft, and user created contents. So yeah, really excited to see that (Meh!!!).

Quite frankly, if I can run around killing monsters while shouting expletives with weird freeze guns and teddy throwers, I will be for most part happy with the game.

I came very close to buying a XBox One because of TitanFall. Sunset Overdrive coupled with the Halo Master Chief Collection, may finally push me over the edge.

Sunset Overdrive will be released exclusively on the Xbox One on 28th October 2014.



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