If you thought that StarCraft 2 was one of the most decent RTS games of the century  (and possibly one of the most played too, incidentally!), then you’re right, and now everyone can get to experience StarCraft 2’s revolutionary features and see what set the RTS standards back in the day. Yes, StarCraft 2 : Wings of Liberty is now free to play, starting from November 14, along with the terran campaign, as well as the competitive ladder.

Savor the story of James Raynor, as he fights against a zerg invasion led by his former love interest Sarah Kerrigan, and also holds out against the dictatorial pleas of the Dominion, led by Arcturus Mengsk. Or simply button mash your way to the top of the leagues in the multiplayer ladder.

Watch the StarCraft 2 free-to-play trailer here :

Are you ready to fight out for the terrans against two alien races created by Gods?


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