Sleeping Dogs, the critically acclaimed or should I say the “Sleeping” Hit open-world game is finally coming to the next gen consoles.

In recent days, all talks coming out of United Front Studio has been about Sleeping Dogs : Triad Wars. An open word PC only Free-T-Play MMO. While I was disappointed that Triad Wars was not a direct sequel to the original and not coming to the consoles,  it was somewhat retracted by the announcement that Sleeping Dogs will now be coming to the PS4 and the X-Box One.


The next-gen version of Sleeping Dogs will be called, the Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition. The narrator in the trailer makes that amply clear by mentioning ‘Definitive’ for at least 10 times, and then some more just for good measures. In fact watching the trailer and counting ‘definitive’ would make for an awesome drinking game.

But seriously, Sleeping Dogs was a good game. The Hong-Kong open world setting, the focus on martial art combat, and the story around Shen (the undercover cop) all came together into one amazing game. The Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition will come with all the downloadable content  including the Nightmare in North PointZodiac Tournament, and the Year of the Snake. That’s all the story, all the costumes and all the fancy stuff rolled up into one big package.

Other improvements in the Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition include:

  • Native 1080p and new high resolution texture.
  • Increased traffic and pedestrian density.
  • New lighting and ambient fog.
  • Enhanced Gameplay.

If you have never played Sleeping Dogs before, this is your best chance to experience open world Hong Kong in a video game. If you had, then you already know how good a package this is. I would strongly recommend this game to anyone who owns a next gen console right now. Unfortunately, we don’t have the pricing or the Indian release dates confirmed, but that my friend is another post. Till then you can keep it right her on IndianNoob.


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