Scream VI Sets Franchise Record Global Bow With $67M+ – Deadline

Update to latest…: Paramount/Spyglass Media Scream VI A franchise-record has slashed its way to a global box office debut $67.1MFirst place Screaming 3 For the best of this Kevin Williamson-created series in a long time. At the international box office, it also set the best debut with a franchise $22.6M From 53 markets, a 60% increase over 2022 scream Domestically, too, a record release.

The return of Ghostface got off to a great start for the franchise in 29 individual markets, including the UK, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Italy and the Netherlands.

Filmmakers Matt Pettinelli-Olfin and Tyler Gillette and starring Wednesday Phenom Jenna Ortega, Scream VIBest Unwrap UK $3.6M from 627 locations, up 22% from last year’s entry. France 427, up 110% to debut at $3.5M scream 2022. Both England and France are no. 2 will lag behind Creed III It showed strong holding power (more below).

Australia gave Scream VI A No. 1 launch with $2M from 262 platforms, up 45% from last year scream. Mexico No. 2, grossing $2M, 55% higher than previous film; And Brazil Launched No. 1 with $1.8M (up 55%). scream)

Paramount ran a terrific marketing campaign, including such terrifying stunts as:

All in all this weekend, it’s MGM Creed III It was number one internationally $24M From 75 markets. Released overseas by Warner Bros. (save the Nordics), the threequel had a 43% drop and is still trailing its predecessor in the likes: up 110%. hope and 35% above Creed II. There is international accumulation until Sunday $78M With universal $179.4M.

France continues to lead with $12.4M UK ($11.3M), Germany ($7.9M), Italy ($5.9M) and Mexico ($5.9M).

Disney/Marvels Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania has reached $249.6M Internationally $9.8M Weekend in 52 markets (-56%). There is global accumulation to date $447.6M. Excluding China, like for like, Quantum The first is beyond ant man The full run of the film is 10% and less than 13% Ant-Man and the WaspThe final number of

Top 5 markets China ($39M), The UK ($22.1M), Mexico ($17.4M), France ($12.6M) and Korea ($12.5M).


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