Retro FPS DUSK Coming to Consoles, New Game Plus, Co-op and DUSK Soap in the Works


2019 was a good year for retro fps. Project Warlock, Hellbound, Amid Evil, and DUSK took us back to the simpler times of the 90s, to an era that gave birth to the modern first-person shooter.

Now, console players can too have a small bite of the ol’ nostalgic apple. Publisher New Blood Interactive has confirmed that the best of the bunch, DUSK will be making its way to consoles.

That’s not all. New Game Plus, Steam Workshop integration, co-op, Mac/Linux and DRM Free versions, CD and Vinyl Soundtrack, TDM, CTF and DUSKWorld content updates and finally,  an old-school “Big Box Physical Collector’s Edition”  which includes a bacon-scented Dusk soap (the internet never ceases to amaze me).

Stay tuned for more information.


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