We are into the smallest month of the year. But that doesn’t mean the Playstation Plus offerings would be the smallest too. Lets take a look at the free games you can get if you have a Playstation Plus subscription this month.



First up, is the long awaited ‘Transistor’. I have been waiting to get my hands on this game for some time now, and Sony has finally delivered. Transistor is a spiritual successor to the wildly popular and extremely good Bastion. The game follows the story of a singer whose voice has been stolen, led into a conspiracy with a talking sword. Yeah Go figure! Transistor was one of the launch games for the PS4 and like Bastion garnered excellent reviews. As I said, this game is a steal, if you haven’t played it already, I suggest you do whenever its available.


The other free game on the PS4 this month is Apotheon. The best way to describe is 2D God Of War. You play as a Greek Hero ascending Mount Olympus, killing Greek soldiers and champions alike, so that the Greek Gods can be reminded of their duty. The art style of the game which looks like Greek wall paintings is very nice. Apothean joins the ever growing list of games which are released on the PS4 as PlayStation Plus games.



The iconic Yakuza 4 is the first of the 2 free games that you can download on your PS3, if you are PlayStation Plus member. Yakuza 4 is a open world game set in the streets of Japan, where you play a member of the Yakuza gang. There are a loads of side quests, and people to bully apart from a high octane single player story.


The other game which would be free for PlayStation Plus is the recently released Thief. Thief is the latest reboot of the franchise and brings the master thief Geralt back to a console near you. The game focuses on stealth and of course stealing stuff. The game had mixed reviews but for the awesome price of free, I think you can definitely get some fun out of it.

PS Vita:


The smallest piece of gaming hardware from Sony will also be receiving 2 free games this month. First up is Rogue Legacy, a gritty platformer based on the 80’s art style and difficulty. You’ll try to battle your way through an ever-changing castle on a quest to overthrow a dark lord one family member at a time. As your characters die, you’ll have a choice of offspring to take their place, each with a couple of character traits that make them play in unique ways. Passing on your gear and abilities to the next in line means that you’ll push your way through the castle a little at a time until, at long last, your long line of warriors is triumphant.

Finally, the Vita is getting Kick & Fennick this month, a colorful platforming adventure that teams up a young human with a robot companion in need of a new battery.

Like always, you can download these games starting from the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

So if you still haven’t downloaded inFamous First Light (Why?) or the Swapper, you still have time till the 3rd of Feb 2015.

Sony has been having 3 good consecutive months with their free PlayStation Plus games. This month too, releasing the highly popular Transistor is a good move. Compared to this, the Xbox One games are garbage (excuse my french). I mean #IDARB, that’s the best they could do; and I thought Xbox One had better exclusives.


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