India had the benefit of getting their currency on Steam (maybe because Steam has more number of Indian customers?), whereas neighbours Pakistan and Bangladesh still have to purchase games on Steam in US dollar, the currency chosen by Steam for their region. However, rare price downs, like the discount on PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS recently, do help the community get access to the games they love, but what happens when an unexpected glitch causes an absurdly low price on a recently released game? Yes, a Steam pricing glitch caused popular Saints Row successor Agents of Mayhem to be priced at an measly price of 12 cents in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The pricing is an error and not a proper discount, so it is likely to be fixed soon. This issue,however,has not been reported in other countries that use dollar as the currency for purchases, which leads to the belief that is only a regional issue.

The real question is : if you live either in Pakistan or Bangladesh, and want a decent open world game for cheap, should you get it, or should you stay away from it by taking the moral high ground? That’s entirely something for you to decide.




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