A new advertisement by NVIDIA officially teases the next gen gaming GPUs, with the catch phrase “Be For The Game”. The video also says “Cologne”, mentioning August 20 as a date for the official reveal.

This follows the announcement of the new Turing architecture by NVIDIA at SIGGRAPH, where the first RTX cards – the Quadro RTX cards – were unveiled. The new Turing cards come packed with RT cores for ray tracing as well as Tensor cores for AI inferencing – new features that were first seen in the Volta GV100. We had seen a demonstration of ray tracing during this year’s GDC, but actually getting to see and feel the technology working before your eyes is something. Especially when NVIDIA claims that the new Turing architecture can “simulate the physical world at 6 times the speed of the previous Pascal architecture.

There were quite a few leaks which suggested that NVIDIA would announce the next-gen gaming GPUs at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. In the light of the teaser video, there is little doubt that NVIDIA has a big announcement lined up for gamers at Gamescom. All we need to do, is wait and watch.


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