Star Wars: Dark Forces is not just an excellent FPS from the ’90s. It’s basically DOOM, but for Star Wars. It’s also a reminder of how amazing LucasArts was as a developer. Dark Forces also gave birth to the excellent Jedi Knight series and Kyle Katarn himself. Sadly, the time has not been kind to Dark Forces. Although it’s perfectly playable today thanks to DarkXL, the unavailability of a source port leaves much to be desired.

But it looks like things may change. The crackerjack Remasterers (?) over at Nightdive Studios has set their eyes on the beloved FPS. Quoting the news that EA has reportedly cancelled a major Star Wars game, Nightdive founder and CEO Stephen Kick tweeted the request to Disney and called for public support to remaster Dark Forces.

The tweet has gone on to garner positive reception and prompted Kick to post this reply: “Thanks for the overwhelming love! I’ll ping our friends at the Mouse House and see if we can start a conversation – this reception is totally worth it.”

This does not mean that Nightdive has received the green light, however. We all know how stubborn the management over at the “Mouse House” truly is. But if the deal goes on through, Dark Forces remaster will be safe at the hands of the people who brought System Shock, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, Turok etc to life again.


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