So I finally got myself a code to download Mortal Kombat X onto my PS4. The download was an impressive 33 GB, so I decided to top up my internet plan to be safe. The game downloaded, installed itself and then installed the update file too. Apparently that was not enough; because once I loaded up the game none of the modes, except for Single Player/Two-Player battle and the Tutorials were available to play.

Every time I would load up the game, the story mode, the Konquest mode, the Living Tower, and the Online mode are all Red out, making them unavailable for selection.

At first I thought it was a simple bug. So I restarted the game, nothing. I checked online, and some of them mentioned that if you play through the single player and the tutorial for a while, the story mode would be unlocked in a while. I tried that too. But to no avail. I did find out though, that this issue was not limited to the PS4 or the digital download. The retail copy and the Xbox One version was also acting up in the same way.

3 days in, and I am yet to see this screen on my PS4
3 days in, and I am yet to see this screen on my PS4

My next few Google Searches were a little more extensive, but none of them offered any concrete steps apart from the normal restarts of both the game and the PS4. I tried all that, but like some others on the internet, none of it seemed to work. Someone on one of the forum suggested that I would have to eventually have to delete the game and the save and then just re-install again. While that was a great idea for a retail disc owner, for me not so much.

I do have to mention that most of my search for this particular search was muddled by the problems that the PC patch of MKX was causing in the PC world. Some people were confusing save swipes with locking of the single player mode. Not a great week for Mortal Kombat X is it?

Not able to go online either
Not able to go online either

Anyways, I finally found an official thread hosted on WB forums which acknowledged the issue, and provided a list of steps to resolve it. The main  point that they focus on is the fact that even after Mortal Kombat X is downloaded, its still being installed, which might take upto 90 minutes to fully function. The help link also mentions that if none of the above method works, there is no other choice but to delete the current game, and re-download it. You can check out the complete help link HERE.

As you might have guessed, I have tried all the steps mentioned in the link, but to no avail. So the only option left now is to delete that huge file and re-download it. Its a pain, and my bandwidth is already spent, which is sad (this is the 5th of the month). I have given it upto the time, I go back home from work. If its not working even after that, its back to the download link. At which point I would start cursing NetherRealms a bit.

The article is as much as a rant, as its post for anyone who is facing the same problem. So let me know if you had the issue. How did you eventually resolved it. Have you seen any other issues in Mortal Kombat X. Let me know all and more in the comments.


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