Mafia 3 is back this October, can your PC handle it?

The legend of Lincoln Clay is spreading. Far beyond the city limits of New Bordeaux, people whisper of his lust for revenge.

Back in the Bourbon City, one local filmmaker sought to capture the spirit of Lincoln’s vengeance, peeling back the mystery surrounding his deep-seated drive to dismantle the Italian Mafia.

Cause & Effect

The Voodoo Queen Identified

The N.B.P.D. has identified a prime suspect they believe to be Lincoln Clay’s accomplice on his path of retribution against the Italian Mafia. Cassandra, rumored leader of the Haitian crime syndicate, is known in some circles as the Voodoo Queen.

Police cite her as a first-hand witness to the Italian Mafia’s most ruthless and gruesome trafficking rackets. It is certain she has motive to take them out at any cost.


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