Mafia 3: Sign of the Times DLC details and release date revealed


2K recently revealed some new details and a new trailer about Mafia 3’s upcoming DLC titled “Sign of the Times“.

According to Mafia 3’s narrative director Bill Harms, Sign of the Times is inspired by late 1960s “hallucinogenic experimentation and crazed cults” and will led you tangling with The Ensanglante.

“In “Sign of the Times,” you have him finding someone who needs help – that’s not able to put the pieces of the puzzle together – and he can actually do something for her” reads the blog post published on Mafia 3’s official website.

“From the moment that the “Sign of the Times” DLC kicks off, you’re in for more deliberate pacing. There’s a mystery to solve with Lincoln searching for stray objects left behind, strange writing – you’ll even examine bodies for clues” says Ed Fowler, Mafia 3’s senior writer. “By eyeballing the environment and using a blacklight flashlight to uncover hints, you’ll zero in on where The Ensanglante operate and what the hell their endgame is for New Bordeaux. At key points in this DLC, we have these investigation zones where you’ll methodically look for clues that reveal more of the truth… and it can quickly turn a corner where you’ll be dealing with cult members in tense firefights.”

You can find more new details about the DLC here.

Sign of the Times releases July 25 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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