If you have been waiting for the next episode of Life is Strange. Your wait is now over. The next episode named “Out of Time”which follows the time rewinding photographer is available now for download. Just click on the link below:

Download Life Is Strange Episode 2

Developed by DontNod and published by SquareEnix, Life is Strange is as Wikipedia puts it, “an episodic interactive drama graphic adventure video game”. The game follows the life of Maxine Caulfield, a photography student who discovers that she has the ability to rewind time at any moment. Every time she rewinds time however, the consequence of her actions changes the future.

The latest episode, for people who have been following the game will feature Maxine learning and experimenting with her power. She will also try to find the origins of her powers, all the while managing the pressure of being in high school which has a viral video doing the rounds.

The first episode was pretty well received across the board garnering some mixed but mostly positive reviews. The episodic nature of the game is not the only thing which Life is Strange borrows from Tell Tale. Most of the game is dialogue oriented, and not much button mashing is involved. There is one major difference however, Life is Strange allows you to rewind and change any of tour choices upto the last checkpoint which in turns leads to entirely different events. I know it sounds a lot like saving the game, loading the last checkpoint and the selecting another option. It is but with one key difference, the fact that these change in choices form the structure of a single story, you don’t have multiple saves, but just one story which you are chopping and changing as per your preferences.

The game is divided into 5 episodes (**cough cough** Tell Tale **cough cough**) and are periodically released at a certain gap of 2 months. The next episode termed “Chaos Theory” is set to be released in May 2015. The game is available on every platform imaginable but the Wii U (sorry Nintendo). So of you want to get yourself some time-warp action adventure, go ahead and download Life is Strange. Why? because life really is strange that’s why.


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