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Day 3 of the Writers Guild of America strike against Hollywood studios saw some L.A. showers, but strong turnouts continued at 10 Los Angeles locations, as well as Silvercup Studios and Cherette Studios in New York City.

Much of the conversation in LA took place at Wednesday night’s WGA West meeting in Thiran Auditorium, where guild leaders discussed the status of the strike and sought support from other Hollywood unions and guilds. It came on the heels of a similar meeting held by WGA East in New York.

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The strike will continue till Friday.

Here’s the latest from our boots on the field today.

at Netflix Headquartered in Los Angeles, Sunset Boulevard again saw frequent hums in support of the pickets. Prepared for the rain with some signs covered in clear plastic, about 400 people marched down Van Ness Avenue and around the corner into the sunset chanting “No contracts, no scripts!” They marched with slogans.

with the likes Veep Star Timothy Simons, SAG-AFTRA member Dermot Mulroney, WGA Negotiating Committee member Eric Heiserer, Alex Winter and more were among the biggest turnouts of the week.

Heiserer discussed one of the main topics of the day: Wednesday night’s WGA West meeting, held after the WGA East meeting in Tyrone Auditorium, New York City.

Again, the LAPD was onsite at Netflix but in a low-key capacity, with the department’s labor relations officer, Angel Gomez, on hand to mediate any disputes between the guild and Netflix security.

Familiar with the ins and outs of National Labor Relations Act and state law as well as chatting with both WGA picket captains and Netflix security, Gomez told Deadline that this particular picket site was well-organized on both sides. He added that the LAPD is deliberately keeping uniformed officers and black-and-white cruisers away from picket lines.

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Only one LAPD cruiser appeared on Netflix today, and it came from the nearby Hollywood section, having a brief conversation with Gomez.

Earlier Thursday, a spokesman for the LAPD said there were no problems “that we are aware of” with the Los Angeles pickets.

meeting at Warner Bros Added to Burbank today Woman is king And The old guard Helmer Gina Prince-Bythewood, whose writing-directing credits include films Love & Basketball And The secret life of bees.

“Everybody has to win — obviously when the studios win, we all win,” he said. “But we want our fair share…”

meeting at Fox Between 75-100 picketers grew in Century City, and the sun came out after a night and morning of rain. Spirits were high after last night’s WGA West meeting at the Tinnai Auditorium and the Strikers seemed motivated. They say they’re even more empowered by the support they’ve received from other unions, including SAG, IATSE and the Teamsters.

Among the crowd was former WGA president Patrick Verone, who led the guild during the last writers’ strike in 2007-2008. He is now on the negotiating team. “It’s 2.0 for me, but I’m on strike for the future,” he said.

Today on Fox: WGA West VP and current board member Marjorie David, et Not a good nick Created by David H. Steinberg.

There was a light crowd ParamountBut including supporters saw Continental And Life Stars Michelle Prada and Ike Barinholtz return for the third day in a row.

About 100 strikers were outside the Melrose Avenue lot, where all but one unmarked black truck had crossed the border earlier in the day. The group parted under hazy skies and light rain; Two small groups of people were standing in front of two gates at the Raleigh studio where the Netflix show is said to be in production.

About 100 people participated in the picketing Culver Studios. Marchers were walking the same route Tuesday: from the gates to the Culver Steps and back.

About a dozen employees from Verve Talent & Literary Agency are on picket in support of their clients and the rest of the WGA.

In addition to the picketing, the group had snacks, water and Red Bull to hand out to the strikers. Some wore shirts that read “We stand with the WGA,” and some took direct aim at Amazon (among them: “Hey Amazon, free delivery is your job, not ours!!”). Other signs such as “Join the losers, we’re going to picket” made pop culture references.

Verve staff on Thursday at Culver Studios

The Verve chief told Deadline that the agency’s East Coast staff were at Netflix’s New York headquarters on Wednesday and planned to send teams to picket lines across LA as the strike continued.

at Disney Studios In Burbank, the crowd included Emmy winner Alex Borstein; actor-writer-director Alex Winter; A million little things Staff Writer Gabby Lugo; Accused star Christopher Gorham came out in support of the marchers and held a picket sign with the SAG-AFTRA logo; And NCIS And NCIS: New Orleans Author and Strike Captain Catherine Beatty.

Universal At Universal City today, about 100 protesters marched through the lot’s gates on sidewalks slick from earlier rain.

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In New York, picketers were beaten Silvercup Studios In western Queens, “Workers’ wages are under attack, what will we do?/Stand up and fight back!” Chanting through bullhorns, protesters marched.

Among the writers on strike was longtime The Daily Show writer Devin DelliQuant, who spoke about the core issue of At Least — the current lack of comedy/variety writers on streaming services.

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