It might be old news, but Just Cause 3 will be upon us very soon. The open world, crazy physics, and grapple hooking game will be making its return to the consoles and PC in 2015.

Square Enix, and Avalanche Studios, which are also working on the next Mad Max game made the announcement through Game Informer last week. The game will once again feature the agent Rico Rodriguez on a mission in Mediterranean island republic of Medici. How is it different from the last game you ask? Well Medici is Rico’s hometown, so there is that.

Rico will be facing another Dictator known as General Di Ravello. SO expect more of Checkpost blasting, statue destorying, grappling hook madness that made the Just Cause series so popular.

This time you can see what guns are equipped on Rico
This time you can see what guns are equipped on Rico

The grappling gun will return, and so will the parachute. This time though Rico will also have the added advantage of a wingsuit. So instead of falling terminal velocity when you jump off a plane, this time, you can glide to places unreachable with the wingsuit.

Just Cause 2 was almost 400 square miles, and for its time was a huge open world. Avalanche Stuidos have mentioned that while the map is still more or less the same size, it has more higher mountains, and deeper valleys this time around.

The crazy grappling hook logic, was what made Just Cause 2 immense fun way back in the days. It remains to be seen if Just Cause 3 will try to do more of the same, or will it try to turn into something more realistic.

Square Enix plans to publish the game on the Xbox One, the PS4 and the PC. Currently there are no plans of releasing the game on last gen consoles. To know more about the game, you can check out the Just Cause 3 official Steam Page.



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