We all know that Rockstar Games have yet to disappoint gamers with their releases of game titles that turned into an instant classic over the years. Who can forget the amazing sandbox experience provided by the Grand Theft Auto Series? Or how about the bullet dodging, pill crunching Max Payne? There’s a pattern here. And the pattern is proven to hold where gamers around the world sighed in relief with the delivery of Red Dead Redemption 2.

This game is massive, not only in file size but the generated environment with complementing the main story, side missions and quests, and unique NPCs which even include animals that all have a personal vendetta against you.

Now, being a massive sandbox experience, you can bet that there’s a bunch of Easter Eggs sprinkled around the game. Let’s look at some of the interesting ones available on the game.

Bigfoot (?)

We’ve all heard about the elusive ape-man that have been lurking around the woods, leaving giant footprints and making cameo appearances almost exclusively to shitty photographers. And it makes total sense to include BigFoot in this game, I mean why not. An encounter with it would definitely get the blood rushing and….

Oh….you don’t actually get to see it. Only a voice that sounds genuinely happy to be having a conversation with you, with subtle hints of loneliness. Huh, who knew, BigFoot has a voice and it’s kind of whinny.

This particular easter egg is a heated debate among gamers, whether that cave is BigFoot’s official residence or a giant man living in seclusion. There is another easter egg covering giants already, hence the debate that the voice in the cave is indeed BigFoot.

The cold gets to everyone, even giants.


You’re in the middle of the Great Wild West, surrounded by flora and fauna that seem to have a personal vendetta on you, trying to murder you every chance they get. The last thing you need is something out of this world that you have no way of defending against it. Here’s a prelude to what’s to come:

Yep, voices in the woods. Now here’s the gold nugget for this particular category:

GH…GH..GH…GHOST! This particular fair maiden is named Agnes Dowd. Right off the bat, this whole encounter gets way creepier with the voice of a woman that seems to get more frequent the closer you get to the ghost’s spawning area. Every encounter reveals the ghost’s unfinished business, so if you’re up for some exclusive ghostly drama, visit the swamp every night.

Oh, here’s another bonus encounter with another ghost:

All Aboard!


There’s a movie title here somewhere. Cowboys Vs Aliens, that’s done. Now, how about Cowboys Vs Vampires? That’s a blockbuster title right there. Sure, having the undead in the Wild West is a farfetched idea, but then again who wouldn’t want an opportunity of having your gun-slinging character a chance to interact with a vampire with a Southern accent (LOL) instead of its original obscure Eastern European accent. Here how it goes:

Apparently, this particular vampire likes to take its time leaving inscription clues once it had sucked its victim dry. Like he wants to get caught. Find all the inscriptions, and dispatch the unholy creature back to hell.

Excuse me for interrupting your dinner time…

Night Folk

For some reason, this list contains easter eggs that seem to be revolving around terrifying stuff. And boy oh boy, this entry is one of the terrifying ones. Let me set it up for you. It’s night time. You’re at the edge of a swamp. And oh look, there’s a crying lady clad in a white nightdress. Surely, there’s nothing alarming about that. If you’ve played Left For Dead, you’ll know what’s waiting. Here:

Getting jumped by a bunch of weird looking people, at the edge of a swamp is no laughing matter. And all that hissing they do just amps up the creep factor. As you run around the swamp, fumbling out your weapon and aiming at these monsters, you probably started noticing a bunch of mutilated bodies before going into the area, fresh and old bodies tied up on a couple of the surrounding trees. Probably should’ve seen that as a warning.

DANGER: It doesn’t get as obvious as this.

I recommend escaping the swamp and coming back again with a full belt of ammo.

Aliens and Cult

We all know Rockstar’s obsession with aliens as we’ve seen similar UFO Easter Egg in the GTA series (the hardest easter egg in that game). Now, this particular easter egg comes in two parts where you first have to visit a certain shack at a certain location before getting the chance to experience the encounter of the third kind when you come back to the shack at a certain time. Details in the video:

Disappointingly, you don’t actually get to see small grey aliens descending down the spacecraft and interact with it in both encounters, but hey, it’s still something.

Come down, I just want to say Hi!

Mechanical Man

You probably wouldn’t expect Easter Eggs that would be as advanced as a robot perched on top of a mountain considering the era where the game takes place. Now, all you have to do is interact with a scientist who’s part Tesla part crazy, and do a bunch of things for him in aiding him in his experiment before this happens:

Well, we’ve seen enough movies with the exact plot to know what’s going to happen next.

*insert sad emoji*

Now, the robot can be tracked on top of mountain, and it is done as such:

This really breaks my heart. Hearing it repeat “Father” in that position gives a hint that it was an accident and the robot actually feels the trauma from the incident and exiled itself on top of a mountain to presumably die. We’ve got ourselves a twist ending here, folks.

Red Dead Redemption 2 delivered an exciting experience that has critics and gamers alike raving about the game. With a vast landscape to traverse on, paired with various unique stories and NPCs alike, RDR2 promises hours of expeditions, adventures and fun! And this is just the few easter eggs found and there’s many more to be discovered. So saddle up, load up, and ride into the game guns blazing!

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