How to enable Google’s new AI search creation experience

For some users, Google has completely replaced search with AI, which it calls a “search creation experience.” Although the experience is limited, some users now have the option to enable it. Here’s how to power Google with Search Generation Experience – SGE – and AI.

It’s easy to assume that most people are using the Google search experience we’ve come to know and appreciate for years. While the foundation remains the same, things start to change little by little The Google Experience It is reinforced by smarter, more contextual and more dynamic results.

Leveraging the progress Google has made with AI thus far, the company is reshaping search with several new AI features and tools under the Search Creation Experience umbrella. That includes new AI-powered snapshots that display quick, contextual results for your query or prompt. Instead of disabling links, Google Search uses multiple sources to generate a summary of the answer to the question – shown to the right.

More than that, SGE is about facilitating conversations. As a result, you can continue to ask questions and get more information as they arise. This feature is a breath of fresh air compared to standard AI-free search, which requires additional and alternative word searches. Instead of starting over, ask for a quick follow-up and get relevant information to the entire conversation.

Since the program is in its infant stages, users need to fulfill certain conditions before enabling the feature in search. Users should Recorded in labs And Be a Google One Premium (2+ TB) subscriber. These limits are temporary, but that’s how it looks at the time of writing. Even if you’re not a subscriber, sign up for the free labs because that restriction may eventually wane.

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We have a full guide to signing up for the SGE lab that only takes a couple of minutes.

After registering for labs, complete the following:

  1. In Search on Googlemobile phone Or search the internet Laboratory icon. Click or tap.
  2. search for SGE Card. Tap or click Change So it is set to “on”.
  3. Hit I agree.

Once you do that, you’ll gain access to Google’s new AI-powered search experience. Our breakdown of the current state of the feature is a helpful guide to using it, although the best approach is to ask normal questions that you usually won’t get much success with Google.

If you’re not a Google One subscriber, don’t worry. The SGE feature will roll out to others who signed up for the lab in preview, which may take some time.

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