GDC is one of the hottest conferences for video game developers. This year, it seems that the conference will have a very special guest – Google itself. There is still a lot of speculation as to what Google expects to unveil at the GDC.

A teaser video dropped by Google reveals March 19 and asks viewers to “Gather Around”. A leaked patent for a new controller has already been discovered, which is likely to be one of the announcements. Project Stream, the streaming service from Google tested officially shortly before the official Assassin’s Creed Odyssey launch, is also likely to drop officially.

There are rumors about Google’s venture into cloud gaming, which can be announced as well. NVIDIA already have GeForce Now,and Microsoft is also expected to jump in with their Project xCloud within 2020, making Google’s foray into making a cloud gaming platform a decent idea to keep up with the competition (that is, if it happens).

An official page for the livestream has been setup to make it easy for viewers to follow up on the updates.


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