If you’re a fan of strategy games, there is a possibility you have heard about Paradox Interactive, one of the most popular publishers for strategy games. Get some of Paradox’s best strategy title in the Humble Paradox Bundle 2019, a bundle dedicated to Paradox Interactive.

                 You get Age of Wonders 2, Darkest Hour, Magicka 2 and Crusader Kings 2 for just a price of $1! With the exception of Magicka 2, which is an action adventure game with elements of strategy, the first tier of the bundle offers some of the finest turn-based games a player can play. The “variable price” tier (whose value depends on the average donation from every buyer of the bundle) offers Age of Wonders 3, Crusader Kings 2 : The Old Gods and Europa Universalis 4 – another fine bunch of turn-based strategy games. The final tier unlocks Steel Division : Normandy 44, Deluxe Edition expansions for Age of Wonders 3 and Magicka 2, and Europa Universalis 4 : El Dorado for a price of $12. Steel Division : Normandy 44 itself is a decent RTS title depicting the invasion of Normandy by the Allies in World War 2. The Deluxe Edition add-ons are pretty sweet too!

                                                                                          Turn-based strategy fans who want to try out something new should definitely get this bundle. Existing fans of Paradox games should get it too.


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