Microsoft announced the February 2015 lineup for Games with Gold this afternoon. Like always, Xbox 360 owners will have two free games to look forward to next month while Xbox One owners will get just the one.

Xbox 360:


Starting on February 1st, Xbox 360 owners can download Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. In Brothers, players control two boys traveling across the world to get a life-saving remedy for their father. Players actually control both characters simultaneously. The left analog stick and trigger are used for one brother’s movement and actions while the stick and trigger on the right control the other one. Brother was one of the best-reviewed games of its year. It also won Best Xbox Game at Spike VGX and Best Innovation from BAFTA in addition to several awards from gaming sites.

From the 16th of Feb though, Sniper Elite V2 will become the Xbox 360 freebie. Sniper Elite V2 allows players to become a marksman in World War 2. They’ll have to take out numerous high-value targets with their sniper rifle. Because the player is often greatly outnumbered, they’ll need to use stealth as much as possible. They can also utilize traps and sidearms to improve their odds against the German army.

V2 supports two-player co-op for the campaign as well as three standaone modes. Kill Tally challenges players to fight off increasingly difficult waves of enemies. In Bombing Run, players must find supplies to repair a truck so they can escape before the area is bombed by airplanes. Overwatch asks one player to complete objectives while the other covers them from afar with a sniper rifle.

Xbox One:


The Xbox One’s free game from February 1st through February 28th is #IDARB, also known as It Draws a Red Box. #IDARB is a 2D sports game in which players try to toss a ball into their opponent’s goal. Spectators will be able to throw curveballs at the competitors. For example, they can fill the arena with water or transform the ball into a bomb.

This month’s Xbox 360 offerings are solid. But the Xbox One games are well below the mark AGAIN. I wouldn’t be suprised if they faced even more flak for #IDARB. I am a gamer, and this is the first time I have heard of the game.

In order to download these free games, you’ll need to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber. You can keep the Xbox 360 games if you cancel your subscription but not the Xbox One freebies.



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