Far Cry 4 is one of the few games that Ubisoft released last year, which didn’t have a horrid first week. In fact it had great reviews and enjoyed reasonable commercial success. Last week, Ubisoft decide to press that advantage even more by announcing the latest DLC pack for the game : Valley of the Yetis.

Valley of the Yetis will be available for download from March 10.

Players step back into the role of Ajay at the moment his helicopter crashes on a perilous Himalayan ridge. Stranded with no shelter, players must capture a camp and guard it from a mysterious cult who will return to reclaim their encampment. If players persevere, they will have more to fear than a stand-off against the cult, as yetis lurk in the shadows. Players can take on Valley of the Yetis in single-player or with a friend in co-op as they fight to survive in the harsh Himalayan Mountains. While searching for a way out of the valley, they will unravel the mysteries behind the yetis.

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As is customary, they also released a trailer with the game. You can check it out above. Looks pretty bad-ass to me, especially when you actually spot the Yeti with your blurred vision. Though I think that part about the Yeti could have been saved for later. But then, the name of the trailer has Yeti in it. so….

If you haven’t bought any other Far Cry 4 DLC; and plan to buy them now, you can still make us of the Season Pass. The Season Pass will let you buy Valley of The Yetis along with all the other DLC (The Syringe, Escape from Durgesh Prison, Hurk Deluxe and Overrun) for a discounted single price. You can buy the Season Pass using the Links below

Xbox 360 || Xbox One || PlayStation 3 || PlayStation 4 || PC

This may very well be the final DLC that comes out for Far Cry 4, before Ubisoft moves onto other projects **cough cough** Assassin’s Creed **cough cough**. But you never know, if Far Cry 4 sells well enough, we might even see another one come out just in time for summer break.

How did you like the trailer? Are you still playing Far Cry4? Will you be buying the DLC? Let us know in the comments.


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