ESL India Premiership is back, and season 3 brings some of the biggest prize pools to ever have been seen in the Indian esports scene. Its a whopping 1 crore INR! The Premiership’s rules have also been tweaked to make the tournament more competitive, as also more worthy of watching! Based on the performance and participation of teams and players in the past seasons of the ESL India Premiership, they will be invited specially to the Master League and the Challenger series, without the need to work their way through the Starter Cups. And the first invited team to the CSGO Master League is Entity Gaming.

This should not come as a surprise, since the Premiership is trying to adapt the tournament model used by big tournaments organizers around the world, and Entity Gaming has been the leading team in the country. However, this year’s competition will be tough, considering that Team Invictus as well as Ate Gaming, two of the oldest teams of the scene, are back in the game as well. However, they still have to work their way up to the Legends of the scene.

That’s one invitee. Who are the others?





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