Professional CS:GO team, Flipsid3 Tactics, the winners of Dreamhack Leipzig 2017 have recently confirmed a player relocation deal with Natus Vincere.

Player Denis “electronic” Sharipov who had been a part of Flipsid3 Tactics as a trial member since 2016 has reportedly been transferred to Natus Vincere. In return, Denis “seized” Kostin has been moved to Flipsid3 Tactics as a loan and shall continue to participate in the upcoming tournaments on behalf of the contemporary team.

“I am very grateful for the time spent together with FlipSid3. I will never forget this stage of my life. Thanks to all the fans. And I wish the team good luck in the future.” – Denis “electronic” Sharipov

“It’s nice to have opportunity to play the major quals, I’ll do my best to help these guys make it to the major and play some good cs.” – Denis “Seized” Kostin.

While it was a hard decision on part of Flipsid3 Tactics to hand out electronic and a torment to those with opposing views about both the teams, Flipsid3 Tactics speculated that the motion is for the betterment e-sports itself. For as we all know, the e-sports environment is rather dynamic and change, if it happens, will only be for the best.


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