Counterplay Games and Bandai Namco Entertainment America have announced their new publishing partnership for Duelyst.

Counterplay Games was self-sufficient but always on the lookout for opportunities to expand and grow Duelyst. After talking with the Bandai Namco team for a while, the developers at Counterplay realized they were first and foremost huge fans of Duelyst, playing almost daily. This shared passion for Duelyst was the perfect starting place for a new partnership.

This partnership actually frees up the Counterplay team to focus solely on development. The developers can now focus their time and effort into creating more fun and engaging features for anyone, casual or hardcore players alike. Bandai Namco will take on publishing responsibilities including marketing and customer service.

As part of the partner integration, the players will need to merge their Duelyst account with a BNEA account. Merging over accounts allows Bandai Namco to start managing the Duelyst servers to provide improved stability. Another added bonus is player access to their global support network: players will be be able to receive professional and quality service in your time of need.

To Celebrate this event, Counterplay is offering a login bonus to all players who log into Duelyst from July 11th, 2017 through August 1st, 2017. The first time you log in during this event you will receive 3 Core Set orbs and a special Bandai Namco Healing Mystic skin.


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