This October, Sony allowed all its Playstation Plus subscribers a special preview of Driveclub along with its regular fare of free games.

Driveclub was supposed to be a day one launch title for the PS4. But here we are almost a year later, and the game finally comes out on 8th Oct 2014. The game is a racing simulator with cars featured from different models, and tracks featured from different countries (including India). The trailers of the game have always been high in Visual fidelity department; and the unofficial word was that Driveclub was going to be the next “Forza Killer”.

What a lot of people are confused about though. Is what this Special Playstation Plus version of Driveclub is all about. Well fear not, because IndianNoob is here to sort out all that for you.


First off, its not a demo. and if it is then its a pretty big Demo. The Playstation Plus version of the game will have the following features:

  • 11 tracks from India
  • 10 cars from 10 different manufacturers
  • Unable to pre-load the game
  • Platinum Trophy is available

As you might notice, the scale of this version is pretty big as compared to other demos; in fact some games complete content is 11 tracks and 10 cars. Its unclear yet, if this game would act as different version altogether; but it can very well can.

The quantity in the Playstation Plus version is big but it pales in comparison to the complete version which will have the following features:

  • 55 tracks across India, Chile, Canada, Norway and Scotland
  • 50 cars from 24 manufacturers: 7 Hot Hatch, 15 Sports, 15 Performance, 8 Super and 5 Hyper
  • 55 events in the Tour Campaign
  • Able to pre-load game 2 days before release


If this sounds inviting enough, you can still buy the game for €49.99/$49.99/£42.99 (Indian prices is still to be announced). If you are more like me though, you would first download the game for the awesome price of free; and if it feels like fun download the whole damn thing.

I was actually waiting for The Crew to become my first next gen racing game, but with this free offering from Sony, I think I am going to give Driveclub a spin.

A small reminder. The release date for Driveclub is October 7 in the US, October 8 in Europe and October 10 in the UK. So it might not be available in the Indian Playstation Store before the 10th. Not having concrete release dates is a pain, but we Indians need to make do with what we got.


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