Who does not love free….I know I do. And today EA has decided to stroke that love a little bit.

Starting today, anyone with an Origin account can download Bioware’s RPG Dragon Age: Origins, for no extra cost.

Yup this is the most evil company in the world, giving you free games to download, WHY? just cause. Technically, this is a part of their “On The House” promotion for their Origin service. The “On The House” promotion had earlier hosted games like Dead Space and Battlefield 3.

Now what is Origin? If you have ever played an EA game in recent time, chance are you know, but if you don’t Origin is like Steam (now…what is Steam? Seriously….??) a digital game distribution service, only they just host games published by EA.

The promotion also ties in with Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third game in the series, ready for release this November.

Screenshot from the gameplay of Dragon Age Origins

Anyways, if you don’t already have one, you will have to download the Origin client from this link here. Sign up or sign in with your EA account, and then the homepage should have the required steps you need to follow to download the game. The game will only be available till the 14th Of October, however once you add it to your account, you can download the game whenever and wherever you want.

It is to be noted that the free game does not include Awakening the expansion and all other DLCs that came out later. You will still have to shell out cash for them. But to that I say, what I say to every free offering. I don’t care until I get it for free. Download the free thing, play it some. If you like it, buy the rest of you want to. Now you let those pikes down.

In Dragon Age: Origins, the player must save the world from a ravenous horde known as the Darkspawn. They’ll travel throughout the country of Ferelden to convince various factions to join together. During their journey, players can befriend or even fall in love with their companions.

The game mixes elements from previous BioWare games. It features the tactical, party-based combat of Baldur’s Gate as well as the choice-driven plot of Mass Effect. The game also brought its own unique contribution: origin stories. At the start of the game, the player chooses between six backgrounds for their character. For example, you could be a Magi, City Elf or Dwarf Noble. Each origin story has distinct introductory scenes and quests that lead into the main plot.

Dragon Age :Origins is a nice game, and its made by Bioware, so there’s is that. I sincerly hope that you try out this game, as soon as you get the chance.



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