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This week marks the return of the Iron Banner to Destiny. This time around however, gamers will have a chance to play against one of the most popular clan on Destiny TTL Gunslingers.

For those of you who don’t know, Iron Banner is a speacial PvP multiplayer event, where your stats are not normalized. So having better armor and better guns is a huge advantage. The entry level for Iron Banner is Level 20; but you can bypass that if you have already joined a fire team which has a level 20 player.

Bungie Bounty:

Bungie bounty is a special reward given away to players, who kill specific targets in PvP events. This week, the targets are members of the clan TTL Gunslingers. The clan has been together for a while and has played shit loads of multiplayer games together (Gears Of War, Halo 2 etc.). So you know they would be difficult to kill.


If you do end up killing one of them however, you will get a special Emblem: “The Sign Of Opposing Will” (pictured above). The registered member of the clan are :

  • TTL Cozmo23
  • TTLBreakChicago
  • TTL Goose
  • TTL Pony
  • TTL Nightmare
  • DeeJ BNG

Iron Banner Rewards

Iron Banner events also unlocks rewards, if you are able to play enough of the Iron Banner playlist and rank up. The reward this week involves:

Rank 1

  • Unlock Iron Banner Emblem
  • Emblem, Shader, Class Item each provide stacking 10% boosts to Iron Banner reputation gains

Rank 2

  • Unlock Iron Banner Shader

Rank 3

  • Unlock Iron Banner Armor Item
  • Unlock Iron Banner Weapon Item

Rank 4

  • Unlock Iron Banner Armor Items
  • Unlock Iron Banner Class Item
  • Unlock Iron Banner Weapon Item

Rank 5

  • Unlock Iron Banner Weapon Item
  • Unlock Iron Banner Shader Item

This week, players can get 36 Light gloves at Rank 3 and 36 Light boots at Rank 4. The Rank 4 weapon is the Legendary shotgun Felwinter’s Lie. You can purchase the scout rifle Gheleon’s Demise by reaching Rank 5. All these items can be bought from Saladin from the Tower. He can also re-forge them for you, if you don’t like the stats on a weapon.

Should You Play it:

If you have just crossed Level 20, or if this is your first week with Destiny. I would say its better to stay clear. I am guessing the lobbies are going to be full of Level 30 players, and its going to be depressing massacres if you just jump into it. On the other hand, if you are comfortable enough with Destiny’s PvP, its a nice oppurtunity to grind out some good stuff. I will be playing as a Level 26 Hunter this weekend, and try to get the Iron Banner emblem at least.

The event will be active till 23/02/2015, that’s next Monday. So see you on the other side.


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