The Crew Preorder open now

Today, Ubisoft announced that The Crew will be released worldwide on December 2nd. The extra time will allow for a second closed console beta to be held, giving even more players the opportunity to experience the game, which is something the community has been requesting. Like the betas held previously, valuable player feedback and other essential information will be gathered, further enhancing the experience.

The endless roads of the United States will open up once again in November, when the second console closed beta launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. No exact dates have been specified, but we expect them to be early November.

This is not the first closed beta The Crew is going through. The first beta started on 21 July 2014; and was for PC only. The beta allowed players to play a portion of the story-driven missions in the Midwest and East Coast and free roam the entire United States of America at their own pace. Cars and a variety of other things such as driver levels and specifications for cars were limited.

The second PC only beta took place from 25 to 29 August 2014; and was more of the same. With the closed beta finally coming to the consoles; next gen owners will finally get their hand on the highly anticipated games.


Julian Gerighty, Creative Director at Ubisoft had this to say, “Our philosophy remains to deliver the best game possible.  We’re all committed to delivering a revolutionary experience in the driving genre and we can’t wait for The Crew to be in the hands of the players.”

The Crew is being touted as the next gen racing game, with no load-times at all. While that in itself is a huge claim, that is not the only USP for The Crew. The Crew has been dubbed a role-playing game with large-scale multiplayer elements. How an RPG with car is going to work remains to be seen; but I have high hopes from this game.

The Crew is being developed by Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections  for PC, Xbox One and PS4. While the Xbox 360  version is being developed by Asobo Studio. The game itself will be published by Ubisoft.


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