In today’s world, you have a lot of options for making a PC. The number of choices is however, a problem, since you will face problems in actually picking one that fits your purpose. Things aren’t different in case of cabinets. But if you want a sleek case that looks good, and is highly portable so that you can carry it anywhere, then look no further, because Cooler Master has the perfect cabinet for you! The MasterBox Q300P is the cabinet of choice for people who move a lot, thanks to its lightweight chassis.

The Q300P uses RGB lighting to generate a custom color theme of your own with the inbuilt RGB controller.

The RGB controller allows a variety of color themes for the cabinet.

The most important feature for the case is portability. True to its nature, it has four detachable handles which make transportation of the cabinet easier. Carrying your PC to LAN parties was never easier.

The four handles of the case make transportation easier.

Portability requires flexibility for possible modifications on the go. The Q300P is equipped for that, as the input-output panels can be adjusted to six different locations – both sides of the case, top,bottom or the front.

With six places to attach the I/O panels, flexibility isn’t questionable.

Portability also indicates the ability to squeeze into any limited space available. The Q300P can fit into both vertical as well as horizontal spaces.

The Q300P fits into both vertical as well as horizontal spaces.

If the case itself doesn’t entitle you to some bragging rights, show off the rest of your build through the transparent side panel for some extra hurrahs.

Have a glimpse of the build through the side panel of the Q300P.

Cable management for most of our builds is an issue, as we neglect it in the beginning, only to regret it later. The Q300P sports an extra 28nm of space behind the motherboard tray for hidden cable management. Never worry about another stray cable again.

Never worry about cable management with the extra space behind the motherboard tray.

Yet another cool case from Cooler Master, that is dedicated to travelling gamers, who need an extra touch of portability and flexibility in their builds. The Q300P will be available for purchase shortly after official product launch in India, for all the enthusiasts who need a new portable rig.



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