Civilization 5 Designer Jon Shafer’s At the Gates available Next Week


At the Gates is an indie strategy game from Jon Shafer, designer of Civilization 5. You are a dark age lord building a kingdom to replace the crumbling Roman Empire – but it won’t be easy. Manage your clans, explore the landscape around you, harvest its resources, and build a mighty economic and military machine.

At the Gates will be available on Steam, the Humble Store, and the official AtG website on January 23rd, 2019. The base price of $29.99/€29.99 will be discounted 10% during launch week.


  • An Evolving Map

Seasons and weather dramatically transform the landscape around you. The river that acted as a barrier during the summer might become a highway in the winter – for both you and your enemies!

  • Character Management

Each of your clans has unique traits and desires, so carefully consider how you use them.

  • Survival & Roguelike Elements

Keep your clans fed through the harsh winter. Resources run out so always be hunting for more. Your neighbors can be immensely strong. Every game will present you with new challenges and opportunities.

  • Watercolor Art Style

A beautiful watercolor landscape serves as the canvas for your clever economic and military strategies.

  • Tooltips-in-Tooltips!

AtG features a revolutionary user interface which utilizes “tooltips-in-tooltips” for the first time, making it easier to learn AtG without sacrificing any gameplay depth.


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