If you were into Gundam wing, or Transformers (for the more Westernized gentlemen out there), and you love video games, then you’ll love Atex Brawl. The game’s a wacky take on the fighting genre, with a number of mechs fighting it out to the end to see who’s the better brawler, deploying a large number of attachments to get rid of the enemy.

Imagine being in one of those mech suits, and being able to chain a flamethrower, bazooka, chainsaw, and a machinegun into it! Yup, the game’s concept is as wacky as you can make it to be. Attachments on the mech suits allow players to customize the mech’s stats to suit their playstyle. More attachments means you can’t move around fast, but have some awesome firepower at your fingertips, while less attachments allow you to dodge the enemy’s attacks and fight back easier. Knock off attachments off the enemy’s mech suits to stop them from using a particular attachment, or simply knock off the enemy by destroying their chassis – the choice is yours.

If you’re tired of fighting your enemies, just try out a game of hide and seek with mechs, or simply hurl potatoes at one another, if that fits your boat. There are a wide variety of game modes to explore – from the simple deathmatch to a game of hide and seek. Also you get to customize not only your suit, but also design entire maps yourself! How cool is that?

Atex Brawl is now available for purchase on Steam. You can get your copy here.

If you’re a fan of party brawls, this is definitely going to be the action packed complete experience. Jousting with sword catapaults anyone?


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