Midnight launches have been a part of the foreign gaming culture for a while now. Long line of gamers standing in a line to buy their favorite games at midnight is as exciting a workout as most gamers get. Fortunately the culture is catching up in India too, with Games the Shop holding various midnight launches for game in the past few months. Batman Arkham Knight is the latest to join that list.

Games The Shop announced midnight launch for the upcoming blockbuster title, Batman Arkham Knight on 22nd June, 2015. Players who have pre-ordered online can also attend the midnight launch post 11.30 pm at Oberoi Mall, Mumbai to collect their Batman Arkham Knight copy.


Fans who attend the midnight launch will also get a chance to win official Batman merchandise and judging by the past midnight releases from Games The Shop, I believe its going to be a night well spent.

So if you have pre-ordered Batman. Or are looking to get your hands on it ASAP. I suggest you make your way to Oberoi Mall, Mumbai on the 22nd. And yeah bring a friend along while you are at it.

Games The Shop is offering exclusive pre-order bonus. Players who pre-order the game will receive

  • Official Batman T-shirt.
  • Play as Harley Quinn and receive 4 Exclusive Challenge Maps.
  • Play as the ruthless vigilante Red Hood!

Apart from that there would also be PS4 exclusive content which would include:

  • Scarecrow Nightmare Mission.
  • Justice League 3000 Batman
  • Classic TV Series Batman
  • Classic TV Batmobile Skin

To pre-order

Store Locator


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