Xrig X1-02 Noobreview :: Make Way For The Compact Lil’ Beast


As a PC enthusiast I generally like to build my PC with my own hands and I’m not a big fan of prebuilt PCs for reasons everyone is familiar with. There can be performance and cooling issues, mismatching of parts and they charge a great deal of money just for the brand name. But this small beast called the XRIG X1-02 surprised me. It’s a compact, stylish and powerful little guy. You will be able to squeeze a lot out of this bad boy and play a lot of modern games maxed out at 1080p with 60 fps or more.

Now lets dig deeper into the product and take a look at the minute details.


The X1-02 rig came to me with sturdy and solid double layer packaging with bubble wrapping. When you open it you can witness the X1-02 silver cabinet in all its glory along with a component box. Inside the box, you get the standard things antenna, power cable and a HDMI cable & just plug and play. Many people prefer consoles over PC just because of the driver and software installation hassles associated with building a new PC. But, fortunately that is not the case here. Everything comes pre-installed- drivers, softwares as well as steam, origin and uplay. All that is left is logging in and playing the hell out of it.

The XRIG X1-02 comes in 3 colors; silver, black and red, of which I recived the silver one. Build quality is impressive with the cabinet sporting a premium look. It’s solid and all aluminium. Even with the sturdy design, it manages to feel light, weighing only 5-6 kgs which is very impressive when compared to many of the gaming laptops out there. The compact design of the Jonsbo cabinet the X1-02 uses acts as an icing on the cake. The compact design and lightweight ensures that the X1-02 excels in the portability department as well, and users can even take the Xrig with them on the move after shelling out a bit more to get a bag to carry it in. The only annoying aspect of the design is that the start button is quite small and can easily go unnoticed by a new user.

Specification & Price

The variant I got came with an i5 8400 Processor, Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB, 8GB DDR4 RAM paried with Kingston 240GB SSD & 1TB WD HDD. Pretty sweet specs, if you ask me. In the front, there is a standard single USB 3.0, single USB 2.0 port and an audio jack.

You can order this version of Xrig directly through the Xrig site and it costs INR 78,990. Bag & other accessories are optional and it’s upto you to choose whether to buy them or not.


Xrig X1-02 performed exceptionally well in all fronts. You can play almost all current games in ultra detail with 60+ FPS ( Tested on a 1080p 144hz monitor) .

In the Cinebench test, the PC scored 107.76 Fps in OpenGL Test and 862cb in CPU Test.

While in the 3D MARK11 performance test PC scored  a total of 13995, which is around 5k point below the recommended PC for 4k gaming.

The PC temperature touched a maximum of 65 degrees throughout the stress tests.

Games : We tried a wide array of games on X1-02 paired with our 1080p 144 Hz monitor, and to no surprise, they performed exceedingly well even after cranking up the settings to High/Ultra. In games like Overwatch, Destiny 2, GTA V, Witcher 3 and Battlefield 1 we got stable 100+ FPS with no FPS drops whatsoever. This is a mere implication of the fact that the X1-02 is a really good choice for people having a 144 Hz monitor as well.

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Next we tried PUBG, and the performance was decent with frequent hiccups, as expected. Even though the game ran at stable 100+ FPS on high settings, there were frequent FPS drops, and that is something which is very common across all PCs irrespective of the fact that you have a 1080ti or a 1050.

We tried a few indies or AA games too and the Xrig X1-02 performed upto your expectations there as well. In both Warhammer: Vermintide 2 and Vampyr, we got an average of 60+ FPS at maxed out settings.


If you want a rig for playing games, but do not want to concern yourself with the unnecessary complications of assembling a rig, then this the perfect game for you. Also if you want a rig to play with on the go, assuming you can arrange a monitor, then the XRIG X1 easily triumphs the fastest gaming laptops available at this price range.



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