Blizzard Entertainment’s Blizzcon is always an exciting day for gamers around the world who play Blizzard games, because it is where all the expansions, as well as important announcements related to Blizzard games are made. Some announcements are special, while others seem boring, mundane. This year’s prime attraction at Blizzcon was, without a speck of doubt, the World of Warcraft show.

Starting from the World of Warcraft opening ceremony, every moment of the World of Warcraft announcement was special, as Blizzard made a vow to make a return to the roots of Warcraft, where it all began. If you grew up with Warcraft, like I did, you will know what I mean – it’s the massive battles between the Orc Horde and the Human (and Dwarf) Alliance.

World of Warcraft’s next expansion is Battle for Azeroth – where the Horde and the Alliance clash in arms – with Sylvanas leading the Horde and the Alliance being urged on by Anduin Wrynn.

What’s a bigger surprise? Yes, Battle for Azeroth is not the only thing creating hype, it is merely adding on. Blizzard promises to literally return to the roots of World of Warcraft, vanilla World of Warcraft, by announcing World of Warcraft classic!

A lot of World of Warcraft players know about the Nostalrius controversy that raged only a year before, when Blizzard decided to push a lawsuit against Nostalrius, a server hosting vanilla World of Warcraft, alleging copyright infringement. Not many players took kindly to it, as constant expansions does tire people into being forced to accept the changes to the game world (as the game’s environment is dynamically changing, being an MMORPG). Classic was much more fun, which was why Nostalrius was operating with quite a large user base. Apparently Blizzard behaved just like an average Ubisoft or Electronic Arts. Perhaps this announcement is a way to make amends for the same?

Vanilla World of Warcraft will be available through separate servers, and would allow the players who want to continue with vanilla to play there. No details have been published, but hopefully Blizzard implements it soon, caring more about the players for once.

Many people have got mind warped with each expansion having extremely different themes (or maybe they touched a dwarven contraption they shouldn’t have), so a throwback to the roots of Warcraft, the opening of the portal from Kalimdor, and into the land of Azeroth, where the Orcs invaded. Maybe this expansion bridges the gap between older and newer players?

In the end, it is all your choice, so what will it be – the Alliance, or the Horde?


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