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Steam’s Quakecon Sale is Live

by on Wednesday, 8 August 2018, 8:09 pm

If you’ve been waiting for the grand and gala event where the old arcade gamers from around the world meet to see the best among them fight it out to decide who’s the best at killing people, then the excitement’s not only limited to the venue itself. Steam has organized a neat Quakecon sale, which offers the best of Quakecon on the Steam store on a wholesome discount.

Get the best Bethesda titles on a neat discount of 75% of more for the duration of Quakecon. If you want to roam around in the land of Tamriel, either offline or online, venture into an Industrial era city to stealth-assassinate some guards, mash up some demons or play against fellow demon hunters online, or simply thrash people with peculiar weapons while running like the wind in an arena, the Quakecon sale has got you covered.

Head over here to get yourself some goodies, while you enjoy the show online on Twitch or live at the venue from August 9 to August 12.






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