Rumor: Lots Of Hype-Worthy Nintendo Switch Announcements Leaked By Reddit User


So a Reddit user by the name DasVergeben leaked details regarding several games including Devil May Cry 5 and Soul Caliber 6.

In addition to those, he also made several leaks about upcoming Nintendo Switch games. Here’s the list (with my opinion on the matter):

1. Dragon Ball Fighter Z Coming To Switch:

This one is hardly a surprise; it’s one of the most requested games to be ported to the Switch. Plus since Nintendo’s hybrid system is Unreal Engine 4 compatible, it was only a matter of time till it would be ported. It’s rumored for a Winter/Fall 2018 release.

2. Metroid Prime 4 Footage To Be Shown Of At Jan Direct:

Nintendo’s known for making new game announcements via their livestreams, and one is said to be scheduled for January; not just that, but according to the leaker, Metroid Prime 4’s in-game footage is set to be shown off during the showcase. Damn it, January can’t come sooner, can it? However, it seems one of  Bandai Namco’s in-house studios is making the game. That’s.. quite unexpected. We assumed it was Nintendo’s own internal studios that would be handling the project. Oh well.

3. Soul Calibur VI In Development (alongside PS4 & PC):

The last Soul Calibur released on the PS3/360 in 2012; good to see Bandai Namco haven’t forgotten their beloved fighting game franchise. One thing that does lend this rumor credibility is the fact that Bamco have recently stated to have games in development for Switch for next year; so could this one of those? Another interesting tidbit is that Link (from Nintendo’s The Legend Of Zelda series) is also returning as a guest character (previously featured in the Nintendo GameCube iteration of Soul Calibur).

4. Animal Crossing On Switch:

No details have been provided for this, other than that it’s supposed to release next year. We’re rooting for a new mainline Animal Crossing in HD.

5. The World Ends With You 2 Exclusive To Switch:

This has to be the most WTF leak on the entire list; The World Ends With You (or TWEWY for short) is an action RPG that came out for the Nintendo DS in 2007 (and later received an Android/iOS HD port called The World Ends With You: Solo Mix); it’s an underrated gem and those who did stumble across it, hailed as one of the best JRPGs ever made – and we can attest to that, it’s true. With it’s mix of fast paced touchscreen based gameplay, super-cool style and aesthetics, killer soundtrack and deep customization mechanics, it’s easily one of the finest games developer Square Enix has ever churned out.

6. Mother 3 Has Been Localised And Is Playable:

Yep, you heard that right; the second WTF leak on the list, Mother 3 is a turn based JRPG for the Gameboy Advance that never saw a release outside of Japan. It’s the latest entry in the Earthbound series (known as Mother in Japan) and has a massive cult following. A fan-made translation patch is available for the original release so those interested in checking out the game can emulate it; the game is superb and still holds up. Hurry up and release it Nintendo!

7. GameFreak Pushing To Release The New Pokemon Game Next Year:

It’s common knowledge by now that developer GameFreak is currently hard at work on the newest installment in the Pokemon franchise of turn based RPGs. According to this source, they want to make sure it comes out next year; also, the long rumored Pokemon Stars was the real deal and was in fact a Sun & Moon port to Switch for testing purposes.

8. Blizzard Bringing Hearthstone To Switch:

This isn’t surprising either; seeing that it has released on smartphones, it was expected to have a Switch release as well. No released date has been mentioned.

9. Virtual Console Making A Return:

It sounds like Nintendo’s popular downloadable retro games collection will be making a comeback. Only this time with some kind of subscription service.

So that’s all there is. What do you make of it? Do you think these are true? Considering that this same person also leaked the recent TMNT DLC for Injustice 2, we have reason to believe so. But still, please keep your hype in check and take these with a grain of salt till official announcements arrive.



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