With season 3 of the ESL India Premiership sporting some new changes, including the increase in the number of slots in the Master League to 12 in place of the original 8, besides a new format of inviting leading players for the tournament, the game looks more exciting than ever before. The second invited team to the DOTA 2 Master League is none other than one of the most promising contenders to the DOTA 2 crown in the country – ROG Titans.

ROG Titans’ performance in past tournaments have been phenomenal, being seen as one of the finalists in the recently concluded Gods of Gaming tournament where they lost to Signify. Their roster do not have people from the DOTA 2 leaderboards – rather ones that can put up a challenge with the leading names in the scene.

ROG Titans join Signify in the list of invitees for the DOTA 2 Master League, leaving ten more invite slots in the DOTA 2 Master League.


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