Rebellion Studios, known for their gonad shooting simulator Sniper Elite might be working on a new Judge Dredd game. Its an all but forgotten fact that the studio also holds the rights to make games based on 2000 AD comics, of which the most popular being the iconic Judge Dredd.

Yet the only games the studio has made based on the cult comic franchise are Rogue Trooper, its recent remaster, and Dredd vs Death, the 2003 FPS. Back in 2017, Rebellion announced plans to license out 2000 AD characters and worlds.

During E3, VG247’s Kirk McKeand spoke with Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley, who hinted that some 2000 AD titles could be made into video games, but he wouldn’t go into any detail, at least not yet.

“We have agreements with a number of different people,” Kingsley told McKeand. “There may be announcements coming in the next few months. That’s very exciting, we have some really cool stuff being worked on.”

It’s been a while since Dredd made his last appearance in video games. We hope that after releasing their co-op adventure Strange Brigade later this year, Rebellion will hop in to work on a 2000 AD adaptation.

Credits: VG247

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