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Quake Champions Goes Free to Play

by on Saturday, 11 August 2018, 2:20 am

During the slew of announcements made at Quakecon this year, Bethesda announced that in an effort to improve the game (as well as its player count), the game will be going complete free-to-play from the time of announcement, and will be available to download and play both on Bethesda.net and Steam. Mind that this isn’t for a definite period of time – it’s forever.

With several new added heroes, and with the announcement, the gates to the Arena will be open for everyone who wishes to enter it. The game will remain in Early Access, while more changes are applied, and the gameplay refined over time.

Free to play players will have access to all game modes and all maps and just two Champions – Ranger and Scalebearer. Favor and Platinum can be used for unlocking more Champions – depending on how you wish to unlock them.

The Champions Pack will be available for a special discount on the Steam store for the duration of Quakecon, and will unlock some sweet in-game goodies including the “Gladiator Ranger” skin , as well as the ability to create Custom Matches for those sweet scrims where you decide who knows the Arena better.



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