Pictures Of The AMD Radeon RX Vega Cards Leak Online


Pictures of the newest series of graphics cards called RX Vega, leak online soon after HardOCP writer Kyle Bennett posts pictures of the card that was sent to his home by AMD for benchmarking.

So how is it possible to know it’s not Polaris? The board number you can see above the PCIe interface is the exact same number you can find on AMD Radeon Vega Frontier. This is the same board, just adopted for RX series. It’s Vega-based card for sure.

Teasers of the new Vega series from AMD have already emerged from the Chinese event, and it just might be one of the variants of the RX Vega.

The sleeker build appears to be a “limited edition” build of the Vega, whereas the standard one is the “reference edition”. Kudos to for the images.