Intel Extreme Masters took place during the last week of February, seeing big teams like Cloud9, FaZe Clan,Team Liquid and OpTic Gaming participate for a portion of the $60,000 prize pool in the PUBG invitational.

During the tournament, OpTic Gaming’s Bahawaka was seen exploiting a particular bug in the game to see through the wall. The glitch does not occur accidentally – only if someone triggers it by doing certain steps.

A video clip of the exploit can be found here.

Team Liquid’s captain Scoom published a video on how to use the exploit on his Twitter wall, explaining the steps in detail.

While many defended Bahawaka by citing the bug as a spectator glitch, on further investigation, the ESL found him guilty of intentional use of the bug. This led to OpTic Gaming’s disqualification from round 8 of the game, which meant that all teams below OpTic Gaming moved up a rank. OpTic Gaming finished in the 5th position instead of a dominating 2nd, which they held till game 8.




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