Monster Hunter World to Use Denuvo, Parity with Consoles and Unlikely Mod Support


Monster Hunter fans all around the world rejoiced when Capcom announced Monster Hunter World to debut on the PC on August 9. But it seems like everything is not looking too amazing in monsterville.

According to its Steam store page, Monster Hunter World will be using the controversial Denuvo, which all of you may know as to be the highly disliked anti-tamper tech that rubs PC players the wrong way. There is a chance that Capcom might loose a few sales over this.

But that’s not the last of things. It appears that at launch the PC version will have the exact same visuals with the console versions and that it may not support mods.

When asked about mod support, Ryozo Tsujimoto told PCGamer that the team does not have anything to announce at this time. As for cross-platform multiplayer? Keep dreaming.
“When the game launches the visuals will have parity with the console versions,” he says, “but we’re considering releasing a free update after launch.”

We’re all in for platform equality and all that, and would prefer a steady 60 (or above) FPS rather than the game accurately rendering the nose-hairs of giant lizards. Still we do expect some kind of additional bells and whistles for people with those sweet $2000 PCs.


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