If you’re eagerly waiting for the details of the new golden legendary, Marin the Fox, then your wait is over, because he has been leaked by a Blizzard promotional email to Blizzcon ticket purchasers.

Marin the Fox is a pirate, though he has not been branded a “pirate”, or made a part of the “pirate” tribe. He has a battlecry that spawns a 0/8 Treasure Chest when it dies, and the treasure chest when destroys reveals awesome loot like a Goblet, which fills your hand with copies of the card which you draw.

Marin the Fox will be available to everyone starting Monday, and the Blizzcon ticket purchasers will get a golden version of Marin.

Are you ready for the new expansion? Marin obviously has a significant part to play in the next expansion, which is themed after treasures and adventures.


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