Sega has announced an event in honor of its many strategy titles having a Steam listing. The ‘Make War Not Love’ event is an event organized to focus on the less-looked upon strategy genre, and this time the events are bigger and much better than before. Titled ‘The Unusual Suspects’, the event seeks to focus on the sequels of the popular franchises that didn’t get the attention they deserved. The games on the roster in the event will be Company of Heroes 2, Dawn of War 3, Endless Space 2 and Total War : Warhammer 2.

The event seeks to celebrate the release of the games, and there are grand rewards planned for every community milestone achieved. Yup, the event does not reward players for their individual hours or prowess in the game, but by their skills as a whole. The event runs from February 14 to February 19, when gaming hours will be tracked and rewards unlocked as a milestone is reached. In order to gear up for the action, all the games involved in the event will be on sale from February 12th to February 19. Company of Heroes 2 sports a 75% discount, Dawn of War 3 a 66% discount, while Endless Space 2 and Total War : Warhammer 2 have a 50% off and 10% off their price tags respectively.

If you’re a strategy fan, and want a part of the action, sign up here. On registration, you get The Revenge of the Shinobi and Streets of Rage 2. The reward tier list is as follows:

Day 1:

Total War: WARHAMMER II – The Grim and the Grave
Total War: WARHAMMER – The Grim and the Grave
Viking: Battle for Asgard

Day 2:

Company of Heroes 2 – Victory at Stalingrad Mission Pack
Binary Domain

Day 3:

Total War: WARHAMMER – Blood for the Blood God
Total War: WARHAMMER II – Blood for the Blood God II
Alpha Protocol

Day 4:

Renegade Ops

Day 5:

Company of Heroes

The event is a pretty decent excuse to spend some quality time with friends in the hope of racking up some hours, in exchange for a decent amount of free content from Sega as a reward for your pains.


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