In October, 2017 LXG successfully concluded the maiden season of it’s very own all India series of esports (electronic sports) tournaments known as the Indian LAN Gaming – ILG Cup. The event brought together thousands of video game & esports enthusiasts, professional players, community managers, gaming cafe owners, international brands and lakhs in viewership. LXG continues to spring into 2018 with steady enthusiasm in the direction of Indian esports by announcing the official launch of Season 2 of the Indian LAN Gaming – ILG Cup.

ILG Season 2 – the domestically initiated nation-wide series of esports tournaments is set to kick off​ this April owing to the success of it’s predecessor – ILG Season 1, hosted in the year 2017. This season the Indian LAN Gaming Cup proudly partners with Logitech G holding the appellation of being the Powered By sponsor. The company will be showcasing its products with enhanced Logitech G gaming peripheral experience zones which will be installed at 10 of the best esports cafes around the country. Joining in with support are Nvidia and LG as Associate Sponsors, LXG TV as Broadcast Partner, LXG Shop as Merchandise Partner, and newly entering the esports domain is Sportskeeda who have claimed the position of Online Media Partner for ILG Season 2.

The ​ second season of the ​ Indian LAN Gaming – ILG Cup​ will consist of a total series of 170+​ LAN(Local Area Network) gaming events starting on 7​ ​ April, 2018 ​ that come to life at 27 selectively​nchosen, high performing esports gaming cafes and 3 universities ​ from​ 16 cities​ ​ across India. ​ The​ structured set of tournaments will be held​ ​ weekly over a period of 7 months ​ with matches​ streamed online across large social platforms amassing thousands of viewers. The qualifying teams from these tournaments will advance onto a qualifier towards the proportionately large ILG Season2Grand Finals held in October 2018. The event will also host 90 mini tournaments with merchandise to be won by gamers and viewers in attendance. ILG Season 2 comes in strong with support towards the Indian esports economy by announcing an enormous Rs. 1 crore (USD $153,322.35*) prize pool distributed among 8 popular game titles. With 3 of the main games being​DOTA 2, CS:GO & FIFA 18​, this year also announces three newly introduced ‘showcase games’ and two ‘community games’. With one of the showcase games being revealed as the popular online multiplayer shooter – Overwatch​ ​, the second season of ILG will also be hosting tournaments for the popular FPS shooter Call of Duty and the newly developing esport  – Rocket League. The two community inspired games have been announced as the well-known battle royale shooter PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) and the second community game will be Rainbow Six : Siege.

*Currency exchange rate as of 20th March, 2018

 The series of weekly organized esports LAN gaming events aims to build on the existing growing community of gamers in India and engages gamers right from entry level all the way to the top tier teams representing the country on international platforms. The LXG initiated event also aspires to strengthen the growing gaming cafe ecosystem in India by executing the weekly series of tournaments by cooperating with various gaming cafes around the country.

Registrations have begun on March 17th, 2018 on

ILG Season 2 is all set to take the Indian esports industry to new heights and fortify the gaming community by creating a brand new structure and set of tournaments, introducing more cities under its belt to enable and reach out to the growing esports talents across India.

Key features & highlights of ILG Season 2, 2018:

  • India’s Largest organized esports LAN tournament
  • 2018 prize pool increased by 650% – ILG Season 2 announces Rs. 1 crore (USD $153,322) prize pool
  • ILG Season 2 is a free to register event, registrations for multiple games allowed (Registrations can be directly made via the ILG Website – (​
  • Season 2 features a new set of 170+ offline LAN tournaments over 8 different games ultimately leading up to a Grand Finale consisting of the 3 main games
  • Tournaments will be organized across 16 different cities in India over a period of 7 months (list of cities on ILG website)
  • Tournaments start in April 2018 and end in October 2018
  • Three main games to be played – DOTA 2, CS:GO, Fifa 18 with three competitive showcase games introduced this year – Overwatch, Rocket League & Call of Duty
  • ILG Season 2 will also feature two community games in the series of tournaments – PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) and Rainbow Six : Siege
  • Matches & tournament updates will be streamed online across multiple platforms – Facebook, YouTube & Twitch and also at select offline venues
  • 90 mini tournaments introduced such as 1v1s with branded goodies to be won across 27 different esports gaming cafes (ILG Partnered cafe list on ILG website)
  • Logitech G peripheral experience zones at 10 gaming cafes
  • Tournaments will be held at 27 power packed gaming cafes & 3 universities
  • ILG Season 2 partners with leading brands such as Logitech G, Nvidia, LG India & Sportskeeda.
  • Indian LAN Gaming Cup (ILG) was started in 2017 by LXG


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