Lovecraftian/Sci-Fi RPG Dolmen Achieves Funding, Introduces Updated Stretch Goals


We reported earlier this month that Massive Work Studio was taking their “Lovecraftian horror meets Sci-Fi meets Dark Souls” RPG, Dolmen a second time to Kickstarter after a failed initial campaign. We’re pleased to report that Dolmen has finally achieved funding on Kickstarter.

The base goal of  $15,000, which allows the developer, Massive Work Studio, to release the first chapter on the game, has been met.  The developers, in their post-funding statement, reminded fans that this is just the start of its plans with the project, which now has an abundance of stretch goals.

In the words of the devs, “this is such an exciting moment for us, and for you, our community! The first chapter of DOLMEN will be coming to Steam, thanks to all of you! We aren’t finished yet, this is just the beginning and we have an abundance of plans for DOLMEN. Now that we’ve reached our base goal for chapter one, and now we are aiming to reach additional stretch goals that will enable us to add on New Characters and Customizations, New Weapons, More Enemies, Hardcore Mode, Horde Mode Survival Area, Expanded Lore, Lore Compendium, More Levels/Chapters, and so much more!”  

The first stretch goal is 2 new weapons. Over the next week, the devs will showcase some new concept art for these weapons, along with more details about how they envision them being used in-game.

Part one of Dolmen will be coming to Steam soon, with the developer hoping this will bring in the funds needed to finish off the second part of the project, as well as attract publisher attention for multiple platforms.


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