Indian esports scene is continuously growing, seeing the formation of new teams, as well as new organizers getting sponsorship from big brands to host tournaments like never before. It’s barely been an year, and League of Extraordinary Gamers is back, with the second season of Indian LAN Gaming (ILG) cup, where it hosts tournaments in more than 30 locations in the major metropolises of the country, and with a large number of esports including the likes of CSGO, DOTA 2, Rainbow Six : Siege, Overwatch, and many more.

Announced by LXG in a Facebook post, Season 2 of the ILG cup will see more than 7 months of continuous esports action, and boasts of a prize pool 6 times that of season 1. The better news – the action unfolds in just 4 days.

Dekh lenge LAN pe! (will see you on LAN!)


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